Hidden Hangouts: The Swiss Bakery

Kathya Mendez/Fourth Estate

Grüezi wilkomme! Bring a book and enjoy some “me” time at The Swiss Bakery


For many college students, an ideal morning starts with a nice cup of coffee before class. If you ever get tired of the same places that surround you on campus, why not choose a place with a delightful atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a morning breakfast while studying for class and writing essays?

The Swiss Bakery is a retail bakery that specializes in Swiss and German products. Their recipes are authentic, while their food is made with the freshest ingredients. It is located in Springfield, VA, making it very convenient to visit and hang out with a few friends.

They provide not just coffee, but tea of all kinds, hot chocolate and a variety of bread, pastries, ice cream, European wines, lunch offerings and more. One of the strongest features of this bakery is their dessert menu, which includes apple and cherry strudels, fruit tarts, almond Danishes, cheese Danishes, almond pretzels and thumbprint cookies. Some seasonal treats include the pecan tart and the pumpkin tart traditional. As fall season arrives, the outdoor tables are an excellent option to use and enjoy these warm beverage and delicious desserts.

Kathya Mendez/Fourth Estate

There is a little of everything to take advantage of, including their online service, where people can order featured items that they have seen in the store. For example, a lot of customers enjoy Swiss chocolates. You can purchase them in large quantities, blend or whole bean of coffee bags for businesses, or Biberfladen, which is a traditional Swiss gingerbread with almond paste. Although the pricing may vary depending on the item, there is an overall agreement that the quality and service is worth it.

The next time you are thinking of grabbing a cup of coffee and want to try something new besides Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, visit The Swiss Bakery.