Photo by Sofya Vetrova

Introducing the newest Mason Dining location


If you’ve ever found yourself on campus into the wee hours of the morning, searching for somewhere to grab a snack and hang out for a bit, a new spot on campus is opening their doors for the late-night crowd. The Spot, Mason Dining’s newest addition, will soon be opening for in-person dining after a few weeks of service solely through the Starship robots.

According to Sofya Vetrova, the Marketing Director for Sodexo at Mason, the in-person restaurant opened their doors for a soft opening on March 23 and will be hosting a grand opening at a future date, still to be announced.

Currently, the hours start at 8:00 p.m. and end at 2:00 a.m., including for robot deliveries. This is not a dining hall it is a retail dining location, but will be run entirely through Sodexo, something Vetrova describes as a “brand-new concept.”

The menu features an array of American-style comfort food, including classics like cheese fries, burgers, and sweets like root beer floats and ice cream sundaes, plus a few healthy options like salads. The real showstoppers are their signature dishes, which take a more creative spin on comfort food.

“Our culinary team thought of every late-night craving possible and came out with the unique and eclectic menu,” Vetrova said. “From everyone’s favorite Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese to unique Donut Burger with fries, we hope we satisfy every student. Our signature item is a trendy Flamin’ Cheetos Queso Burger. So far, it is the best seller through the starship deliveries.

Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services

Beyond the food, The Spot’s seating area can provide a place to go and have fun even late at night.

“The campus is missing a late-night location where students can hang out and have a good time. The Spot is the solution for this. We renovated the space and now it is completely painted, full of neon lights and new furniture.  The dining area has a designated place for arcade games and space to play board games with friends,” Vetrova said. “We also plan to have cable TV so students can enjoy sports games and major events. The idea is to create a funny and swanky location and turn it into The Spot that everyone will look forward to spending late nights in.”

Continuing updates on The Spot and other Mason Dining news can be found on the Mason Dining website and their social media accounts.