Humans of Mason: Bijan Keshmiri ‘21


“When I was 7 years old I started playing with my mom’s camera. I started taking pictures of everything. I took pictures of my TV, flowers and my balcony. When I was at NOVA [Community College] I started taking Biology. It was too difficult and I decided to change my major to photography because it was always interesting. My favorite thing to take photos of are flowers, trees, the sky, but also [George Mason] University. 

Photo Courtesy of Bijan Keshmiri

Photo Courtesy of Bijan Keshmiri

I took these photos on campus during my digital photography class. When I am done taking photos, I have to do edits to make it better. I edit for better brightness, contrast, exposure. 

When I take photos, it feels like I am in a busy mood, but I feel great. I am on a mission when I take photos. I can do anything with it and I explore my options of what I can do with it. I practice often to do better. 

When I first came to  Mason I took drawing classes, Art one and two. I figured out there are steps in doing art. My professor taught me how to draw real eyes and facial features. I take time to complete it and I try my best. I just need to have patience when doing art and it will work. 

I want to work in California next summer at Pixar Studios. If photography doesn’t work out, I can still make something work. I am a huge Arts person and I just like the art that I do. When I take art classes at Mason, I feel like I know exactly what I have to do. I’ve been exploring my journey of what I can do [with art]. If it doesn’t work out then I can always try something else.”