Fountains of Mason

Allie Thompson/Faux Estate

Rating the Water Fountains of George Mason University


In this column, I will rate the wonderful world of Mason’s water fountains using five quality categories: Water Pressure, Usability, Stream Consistency, Location and Presentation.

Johnson Center, First Floor behind Chipotle


This fountain is in a good location, is fairly consistent and looks nice. It has one of those neat  bottle fillers. However, I am of average height and it is a little low for me, plus the water pressure is subpar.

The Hub, Ground Floor by the Mail Room


Decent location by the mailroom with good water pressure and usability, but it is kind of ugly, and the stream is unpredictable.

The Hub, First Floor by Student Involvement


I’m very proud of this little fountain. It fell on some hard times and was out of commission for a while, but it is now back with a vengeance and excels in all categories. Please come support this fountain if you can.

Southside, Ground Floor by Gold Rush


This fountain is in a good location and has average water pressure. However, it is still an older-looking fountain and a little chaotic—it gave me two streams from one fountainhead, which is weird. No complaints about usability.

JC, Ground Floor behind Dewberry


I have a strong dislike for this fountain. The only good thing I can say is I had no trouble using it. However, it is ugly, the pressure is weak, the stream is all over the place and it’s in a terrible location—it is the closest fountain on that floor, and you have to cross past wildly practicing dancers way behind the staircase to get there, just to be disappointed.