Letter from the Editor

Dear Patriots,

“Looks great,” our Assistant Culture Editor, Hailey Bullis, wrote sarcastically on the blank Google Doc I had open for this week’s letter from the editor.

That’s where I’m at this week. Staying on top of schoolwork and extracurriculars isn’t always easy, and as many of us deal with midterms, I want to remind everyone not to burn yourself out.  

We’re back this week with a lot of great content. Fourth Estate had the opportunity to talk with Mason’s President Ángel Cabrera and get his thoughts on pressing issues.

Mason students marched up to Capitol Hill last week to protest Brett Kavanuagh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Fall for the Book events could be spotted across campus last week, and we have the run-down of authors who’ve stopped by including civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis and acclaimed authors Vanessa Hua and Yang Huang.

Patriots for Choice, a Mason organization, just introduced one of the first morning-after vending machines on campus.

Learn more about gendered rules in co-ed intramural sports or some of the amazing team members behind some of Mason’s soccer and volleyball teams.

If you have any concerns, comments or corrections feel free to email us at masonfourthestate@gmail.com.

It also looks like the weather’s cooled down and it’s starting to feel like the fall season we all deserve. It’s finally time to watch Halloween movies, drink apple cider and watch the leaves start to change colors. Enjoy it and stay cozy.



Basma Humadi

Managing Editor