Hello, all—


For this issue, I traveled to the National Gallery of Art for the reopening of its East Building. While there, I felt way out of my league, as I met several professional art critics who’ve been doing this longer than I’ve been alive. But it’s the mark of a good journalist—and person in general—to help the rookie. They gave me advice both for covering art and for life in general. It’s easy to brush off the new kid as stupid and unworthy of your time, but it costs nothing to be kind and to share what wisdom you may have.


Upperclassmen, remember this as you go about your last years of college. Be kind to the lanyard-wearing freshmen. Underclassmen, remember this as you return home to your friends who are still in high school. You have insight, but wisdom doesn’t exempt you from kindness. I’d be nowhere without the upperclassmen who took me under their wings.


If a Pulitzer finalist can take time to tell me how to get better at writing, you can take time to tell a freshman (lovingly) how not to look like, y’know, a freshman.
— MacKenzie Reagan, editor-in-chief