allows a cheap trip to the movies

Going to a movie theater can be an expensive outing.

One can easily spend $30 for a single ticket, popcorn and drink, which makes it hard to justify seeing a movie in the theater. That said, there is an appeal to seeing movies on a 100-foot screen.

Sean Wycliffe, founder of, says he imagined a website like where people could get discounted movie seats instead of the hotel rooms. This service would allow audiences to purchase tickets and ticket and concession packages directly from theaters.

University Mall Theater works with the website. The theater recently received the funds to retouch the facility after a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign. University Mall Theater looked to as a way to fill their new seats.

“The main reason we use their service is to bring people in during times when business is slower” Daniel Collings, the theater’s general manager, said.

The partnership between University Mall Theaters and Dealflicks allows tickets discounted at more than 30 percent. Also, a deal offers two tickets, two medium sodas and a large popcorn for $13.95.

Wycliffe was inspired to found the website after he saw “The King’s Speech” at a theater he frequents in California. He was shocked to see that he was one of only a handful of people in the seats.

After doing some research at home, Wycliffe found that nearly 88% of movie theater seats are open in any given movie. That was when he had the idea to create Dealflicks, which was founded in 2012.

Getting Dealflicks off of the ground was a difficult task, but now Wycliffe is seeing the success of his hard work.

“Now we’re at over 500 locations around the country. 13 out of the top 50 movie chains partners with us. We have talked to over 100 theaters in the past year alone,” Wycliffe said.

As an avid movie fan, Wycliffe had faith he knew other movie fans would appreciate his business.

This service especially appeals to college students who try to keep a low budget.

Mason Sophomore MarLee Slack confirmed she goes to a movie theater only about once a month.

“If I could get cheaper tickets, I would definitely frequent the theater more often,” Slack said.

Photo credit: Amy Rose