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Dialogue In Democracy

An Open Discussion of Peace and War BY ABIGAIL ADCOX, STAFF WRITER In today’s polarized U.S. climate, the Dialogue and Difference Project aims to deepen the discussion and garner student involvement. This month the discussion topic was peace and war….

“Kandahar Journals”: Conflict without Conclusion

Last Monday, photojournalist Louie Palu screened his film “Kandahar Journals” in the Johnson Center Cinema as part of the Visiting Filmmakers Series sponsored by the film and media studies department. The film focused on Palu’s experiences as an embedded photojournalist…

Guantanamo Bay politics through the lens of a photojournalist

Bright orange jumpsuits are a familiar symbol of Guantanamo Bay, but according to photojournalist Louie Palu, that symbol has been hijacked by ISIS. “Pictures have become part of the contemporary landscape of conflict,” said Palu while giving a guest lecture…