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OPINION: A total witch hunt!

By Chris Kernan-Schmidt, Columnist A few weeks ago President Donald Trump woke up bright and early to remind the Twittersphere of the “WITCH HUNT!” that is supposedly being perpetrated by the ominous left. This latest witch hunt-themed tweet is one…

OPINION: What does the ‘P’ in EPA stand for nowadays?

By: Chris Kernan-Schmidt, Columnist Since President Trump took office in January of 2017, the leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have taken a vastly different approach to environmental protection compared to their Obama-administration predecessors. Under Trump-appointee Scott Pruitt, the…

The Solution to Finding Real News

MASON’S COMMUNICATION FORUM DISCUSSED THE FAKE NEWS DILEMMA By Claire Underwood, Staff Writer George Mason University recently hosted #RealNews2017, its annual communication forum focused on finding the truth in modern media, on Tuesday, Oct. 24. Located in the HUB Ballroom,…

The Secret Life of a GMU Squirrel

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor There are many things that are commonly associated with Mason: green and gold, the Patriot and, more recently, squirrels. The GMU Squirrels Twitter account has gained considerable attention and popularity since its creation three years ago….

Cabrera no show remains unexplained

This story was originally published in the March 23 print issue. An “Ask Dr. Cabrera” event was supposed to take place on March 18; however, President Cabrera did not attend, and no one substituted in his absence. No statement was released explaining the situation….