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Illustration by Mary Jane DeCarlo

OPINION: Green is the new black

By Kim Bartenfelder, Contributor The idyllic model that a majority of college students are versed in the literature and implementation of environmental matters is heavily dramaticized. While not entirely our fault, we as students live by a one-day acknowledgment and…

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OPINION: The Washington Zoo in spring

By Alexander Kenny, Columnist The Mason pond seems like a serene lunch spot. The ducks are polite, they quack sparingly, and they usually defer right of way when we cross paths. They are grateful when I skip wheat slices towards…

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OPINION: Both parties can find common ground on climate change

By Jimmy O’Hara, Contributor When responding to a changing climate, mitigation and adaptation are not one and the same.  Across media and public discourse, conversations about climate change are often framed in terms of mitigation, leaving adaptation efforts overshadowed.  With…

Graphic by Ally McAlpine

OPINION: Going postal

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Donald Trump stubbornly refuses to let himself be categorized.  This is maddening to political scientists and pundits, people who make a living categorizing politicians.  Nobody seems to know what to do with this guy. The primary…

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OPINION: US Imperialism: Key to National Security

By: Chris Kernan-Schmidt, Columnist Protecting our national security should be a priority for the United States government. Whether it is through diplomacy or military action, keeping our allies and ourselves safe from rogue states, terrorist organizations and lone wolves is…

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OPINION: Who are anorexic people?

By Susan Katherine Corkran, Columnist I was Googling information about anorexia and fear when I saw this question under Google’s frequent searches for the keyword anorexia. It stopped me in my tracks. I had turned to the internet before when…

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OPINION: Ramble on

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Every once in a while, an event transpires that shakes us.  We become confident in our ability to forecast events because, after all, the world is the same each day, and we know how it works….

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OPINION: A total witch hunt!

By Chris Kernan-Schmidt, Columnist A few weeks ago President Donald Trump woke up bright and early to remind the Twittersphere of the “WITCH HUNT!” that is supposedly being perpetrated by the ominous left. This latest witch hunt-themed tweet is one…

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OPINION: Vitamin B—Books

By Susan Katherine Corkran, Columnist Assigned reading is often viewed as an optional exercise. After a long range of pages crammed with small print appears ominously on Blackboard, questions like, “did you do the reading?” or, “are we going to…