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George Mason staute in snow. Photo by Craig Bisacre/Creative Serivces/George Mason University

OPINION: George Mason’s Legacy on Freedom

By Paresha Khan, Columnist The attention to free speech on college campuses is rising in public opinion and media. At Mason, pro-life senior citizens and non-Mason students gather around the clock tower and plaster bloody fetus posters in North Plaza….

Student life on the North Plaza. Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University

Is Campus Free Speech Truly Free?

By Jimmy O’Hara, contributor Peaceful resistance against hate is an important form of learning outside the classroom, and many in our Patriot community practice this at the heart of GMU’s campus, North Plaza.  A popular location for various forms of protest…


The high price of free speech

MASON COMMUNITY WEIGHS IN ON FREE SPEECH AS U.C. BERKELEY HOSTS FREE SPEECH WEEK By Olivia Booth, Staff Writer The University of California-Berkeley, designated Sept. 24-27 as “Free Speech Week,” bringing focus to an issue that has generated controversy and violence…

The men were on campus early starting at 11 AM; finally leaving around 4:30

“You deserve Hell” preacher’s message to Mason

(Photo credit: Alya Nowilaty/Fourth Estate) Nearly every week, DCforJesus founder and preacher Jorge Piña can be found spreading his message in North Plaza near the Johnson Center. “Any time, any place, any way; proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!” is the…