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Illustration by Mary Jane DeCarlo

Nic’s Flicks

BEST PICTURE NOMINEES By Nicolas Macotto, Staff Writer w/ Guest Critic Alexander Shedd KEY 4 = Great; 3 = Good; 2 = Fair; 1 = Poor; 0 = Ooh, let’s not go there Call Me By Your Name [AS] – “Call…

AXiD Walk for Autism Greek Phil article

COLUMN: Greek life gives back on campus

Greek life raises awareness about organizations By BY MOLLY FESER, ALPHA XI DELTA    While common depictions of sororities and fraternities on campus include partying and controversial actions, one aspect of Greek life that many overlook is the philanthropic side….


COLUMN: Whitewashing in the shell

The Rupert Sanders thriller draws criticisms BY DINANDA PRAMESTI, CULTURE EDITOR   With the recent Academy Awards show being much more diverse than the previous few years, Hollywood continues to try to appeal and listen to the public about the…

Column: Controversy and the Beast

Disney movie a huge hit despite controversy BY ALEXANDER SHEDD   [Minor spoilers for Beauty and the Beast below] The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to controversy. Ever since their earliest animated classics, Disney has been plagued by angry…