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Student Government against sexual assault

Proposed bill will suspend SG members under investigation By Lauren Sullivan, Staff Writer Mason’s Student Government is taking a stand against sexual assault this semester by introducing new legislation, promoting a safety app and teaming up with Patriots in Action…


State Senator pushes for marijuana decriminalization

A BILL IN STATE LEGISLATURE INTRODUCES RELAXED PUNISHMENT FOR FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS By Alexander Shedd, News Assistant Editor A state senator has introduced a new bill to the state legislature that would relax certain parts of the laws for marijuana-related offenses….


Virginia General Assembly Considers Bills Pitched by Students

POLICY ISSUES INCLUDE VOTER REGISTRATION, FREE SAT’S AND MORE By Isabella LaMagdeleine, Staff Writer Danielle Melton, Jamie Thomas, Rasheda Elsamahi, and Andrew Millin, all members of the Mason chapter of the think tank The Roosevelt Institute, pitched legislation to members…

By Billy Ferguson

Warner aims to tackle student debt crisis

Sen. Mark Warner introduces legislation for students struggling with debt BY LAURYN CANTRELL   Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) has introduced two bills to assist college students and college graduates in response to the rising cost of attending college.   In…


Mason Pride Alliance rally

Students hold rally in wake of anti-LGBTQ Virginia bill BY MIA WISE, ASSISTANT CAMPUS EDITOR   The Mason Pride Alliance, along with Transgender Queer Mason and Arrows and Aces, organized a rally Feb. 7. These organizations, which are communities for…


Useful Apps: Dash

Savannah Norton, Lifestyle Editor Dash is solving many restaurant and bar customers’ biggest buzzkill: waiting for the check.  The app has most recently paired with the popular Mason spot, the Auld Shebeen, and many D.C. locations. The Auld Shebeen posted…


Mason to review medical amnesty program

Following the program’s implementation last year, George Mason University will review the effectiveness of the Medical Amnesty Program this year. Currently, the program allows students to receive medical attention in an alcohol-related emergency without disciplinary action from the university (otherwise called “amnesty”). The…

General Assembly considers standardization of AP and IB credits

A bill before the Virginia General Assembly would require that all of the state’s public universities and colleges award incoming freshman students the same amount of credits for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and other college preparatory courses. State universities and…