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Courtesy of Gulwali Passarlay

Seeking Refuge

Passarlay’s book chronicles his journey as a young refugee BY BASMA HUMADI   “At so many times on my journey to freedom I had felt hopeless, despondent and afraid,” Gulwali Passarlay writes in his book “The Lightless Sky.” “Many times…

Courtesy of Hamid Farhad

The life and legacy of Yama Quraishi

Grad student dies in terrorist attack in Afghanistan BY ERIK TRUONG, STAFF WRITER Mason faced a somber day Jan. 10 when Mason graduate student Yama Quraishi was killed in a terrorist attack while in Afghanistan. Working for the Afghanistan Embassy…

Louie Palu, the director of the Kandahar Journals,

“Kandahar Journals”: Conflict without Conclusion

Last Monday, photojournalist Louie Palu screened his film “Kandahar Journals” in the Johnson Center Cinema as part of the Visiting Filmmakers Series sponsored by the film and media studies department. The film focused on Palu’s experiences as an embedded photojournalist…