Dear Ivy: Pandemic Panic

Ivy provides some essential tips on what to do during this pandemic.

Fourth Estate/Billy Ferguson

Hello Patriots! Like many of you, I’ve packed my bags and gone home for the semester to stay healthy and safe.Though there is no letter this week, I wanted to talk to you guys about something that has been on all of our minds. As COVID-19 makes its way through our country, there are a few things that are very important to keep in mind to get through this pandemic. 

The first concern that comes to the minds of Mason students are classes. As of right now, classes are undergoing a shift to online instruction. While it may be easier for some majors, making the shift to online will pose greater issues to programs that are more reliant on in-person labs or performances. 

As per usual, our faculty will do their best to create a way to help us all get through this tough semester. The best thing for us to do is consistently check for emails from teachers on updates and check Blackboard constantly for due dates on assignments. 

The silver lining to this unfortunate situation is that we can all budget our own time for schoolwork instead of having to attend a course at a specific time. Get as up to date as you can and wait to see how teachers plan to continue their courses. 

Next, in terms of staying safe, some precautions to take include staying stocked up on hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Also, wash your hands with soap after every meal and trip to the restroom; it is helpful to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice in your head (or out loud, if you’d like). Additionally, staying away from crowded public areas is a major key to stopping the spread and slowing down the curve.

While the virus is most dangerous for elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions, don’t assume that the rules of social distancing don’t apply to you. Don’t risk being a carrier and take the chance of giving it to them and possibly their families.

The term that is being thrown around to combat the pandemic is social distancing.This entails keeping yourself away from others in an attempt to lessen and eventually stop the spread of the virus. 

Be responsible about when and why you leave your house. Avoiding others, especially large groups, is the best way to stop this virus from reaching more people. Do your part to stop the spread.

If you believe you are sick, do not leave the house — you can risk spreading the virus to others. Instead, call your doctor and let them know you are having these symptoms. If you are a low risk, or not as vulnerable, you can most likely recover from home. Just avoid anyone, if possible, as you do so.

As long as we stay safe and smart, we can weather this pandemic.